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Introducing the Eclipse Julia plugin – JuliaDT

06 Feb 2016 | Taimur el-Halawani

JuliaDT is an alpha release of an Eclipse-based IDE for Julia. Current trends in Big Data and Data Science make Julia a natural choice when tackling the latest business challenges. The plugin aims to make Julia’s strengths more readily accessible to an expanding community of developers.

The implementation is based on Eclipse DLTK. The design focuses on making Julia available in an enterprise setting, whilst ensuring that Julia-specific features remain handy and intuitive to use.

The IDE is work in progress. The roadmap includes extending existing features including outline and navigation as well as REPL, Plotting and Debugger support. The environment is downloadable as a plugin.

Feature Screenshots
Interpreter Integration
Reference a Julia installation and use it to execute programs directly within the environment. Also, to view associated console output.
interpreter-dialog interpreter-execution
Project and File Wizards
Create Julia-specific Projects and Files
Project Explorer
View project structure and navigate through associated files
Syntax Highlighting
View program structure based on lexical analysis and keywords
Template Support
Use shortcuts to view and quickly use appropriate Julia constructs
templates-definition templates-definition
Ensure syntactically correct endings
View project types and functions
Open Type
Browse/Navigate based on type name

We hope you find these features useful. All feedback is welcome. Updates on new features to follow in the coming months, so keep a look out. This work was carried out as part of a grant received from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Data Driven Discovery Initiative.

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