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Newsletter February 2017

03 Feb 2017 | Julia Computing

We wanted to thank all Julia users and well wishers for the support and for being part of the Julia Community, and to give an update on some exciting developments for 2017:

  1. JuliaPro Release
  2. Julia by the Numbers
  3. Julia Jobs Growth
  4. Julia Development Update Calendar
  5. Julia in the News
  6. Julia Case Studies
  7. Contact Julia Computing

  1. JuliaPro Release

    If you haven’t already downloaded the new JuliaPro, please take a moment to do so now.

    JuliaPro comes in two flavors:

    • JuliaPro: The fast, free way to download and use Julia immediately on your desktop or laptop. Includes Julia compiler, debugger, profiler, integrated development environment, visualization and plotting and over 100 curated packages.

    • JuliaPro Enterprise: For installation on your desktop, laptop or enterprise server. Includes all the features of JuliaPro, plus Excel integration and support for $1,500 per user per year. Indemnity is available with a customer site license for an additional charge.

  2. Julia by the Numbers

    Julia use expanded dramatically in 2016, and 2017 is shaping up to be the year that Julia expands from early adopters into the mainstream.

Cumulative Number of Source As of Jan 1, 2016 As of Jan 1, 2017 Annual growth
Stack Overflow questions Stack Overflow, script 1,420 2,540 +79%
Registered packages 690 1,190 +72%
GitHub stars across packages 12,582 21,843 +74%
JuliaBox users 34k 58k +71%
Julia downloads S3stat, using S3 logs 346k 904k +161%
Published citations for Julia Paper ([1] & [2]) Google Scholar 143 316 +121%

[1] Julia: A Fast Dynamic Language for Technical Computing (2012)
[2] Julia: A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing (2014)

  1. Julia Jobs Growth

    Demand for Julia programmers is increasing rapidly in finance, industry, science and technology.

    Employers looking to hire Julia programmers in 2017 include: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, BlackRock, Ford, Oracle, Comcast, Massachusetts General Hospital, Farmers Insurance, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Julia Job Postings and Julia Jobseeker Interest

  2. Julia Development Update Calendar


    • Julia 0.5, JuliaPro and JuliaPro Enterprise released, including Excel integration

    • Julia debugger, profiler and integrated development environment released

    • Julia became available on Amazon Web Services and AWS pronounced MXNet the “Framework of Choice” for deep learning using Julia and other languages

    2017 – Q1

    • JuliaFin launches, including Bloomberg integration, Excel integration, advanced time-series functionality and Miletus, a new dedicated Julia package for implementation of complex trading strategies

    • Julia launches on Microsoft Azure’s Data Science Virtual Machine

    2017 – Q2 & Q3

    • JuliaCon 2017 @ UC Berkeley

    • Julia 1.0 release

  3. Julia in the News

    • “Julia is poised to become one of the leading tools deployed by developers and programmers at banks, hedge funds, regulators and vendors.” WatersTechnology: “The Infancy of Julia: An Inside Look at How Traders and Economists are Using the Julia Programming Language”

    • “Julia is fast, … can call C directly without a wrapper, integrates top tier open source C and Fortran code into its Base library, and can easily call Python as well. Julia is built for parallel and cloud computing, and has particular interest from the analytics and scientific computing communities. According to KDnuggets’ most recent analytics software poll, Julia placed 8th on the list of most used programming languages.” KDnuggets: “Top Machine Learning Projects for Julia”

    • “Delivering Hadoop style parallelism, … [Julia] is destined to make a major impact.” Coding Dojo: “7 New Programming Languages to Learn in 2016”

    • “[I]t’s notable that Julia, a high-level programming language built expressly for use in technical computing, has entered TIOBE’s list …. In industries that prize efficiency, such as finance, Julia has enjoyed rapid adoption by tech professionals and data scientists. In banking and trading, algorithmic traders and quants now rely on Julia because it allows them to push code as quickly as possible to market, without needing to rewrite.” Dice: “Julia Gains Popularity on the TIOBE Language List”

    • “Overall, Julia is a welcome addition [to the High Performance Computing (HPC)] community. …The future looks bright for Julia. New and existing HPC coders will appreciate a dirt-simple on-ramp to the HPC superhighway.” TheNextPlatform: “Dirt Simple HPC: Making the Case for Julia”

    • Julia should be on the radar of everyone from traders and operations executives to IT managers, developers and data scientists and really anyone who wants to expand their job options as electronic trading takes over and the industry as a while becomes more technology-centric.” Efinancialcareers: “Julia Programming Language: This Is the New Skill Hedge Funds Are Asking For”

  4. Julia Case Studies

    • Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent, presenting at JuliaCon 2016, described his next-generation macroeconomic models as “a walking advertisement for Julia”

    • Julia for Deep Learning was showcased with IBM at SC16, using IBM’s Power8 server and NVIDIA GPU accelerators to increase the processing speed of medical image analysis 57x for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy

    • Researchers at Intel, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), [email protected] and Julia Computing developed a new parallel supercomputing method which increases the speed of astronomical image analysis 225x

    • BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is using Julia to upgrade their trademark Aladdin analytics platform

    • Lincoln Labs and the Federal Aviation Administration are using Julia to analyze 650 billion decision points for the next generation Aircraft Collision Avoidance System

    • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is using Julia to run their Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium model 10-11x faster with 50% fewer lines of code

    • Voxel8 is using Julia for 3D printing and drone manufacture

    • UC Berkeley researchers are using Julia to guide the Berkeley Autonomous Race Car

    • An article published in Nature describes how UK cancer researchers are using Julia to model cancer evolution and inform interpretation of cancer genomes

    • Augmedics is using Julia to provide surgeons with ‘X-ray vision’ using Julia and augmented reality to project images of internal structures onto patients’ bodies in real time during surgery

    • PathBioAnalytics is using Julia to develop personalized precision medical treatments for patients

  5. Contact Julia Computing

    Please contact us at [email protected] for any of the following reasons:

    • Julia Sales and Marketing: Can Julia Computing help you, your organization or industry? Are you interested in JuliaFin (for finance), JuliaRun (for cloud), JuliaPro Enterprise with indemnity, support, training or consulting? Can we make you a more effective advocate for Julia within your organization or industry? Please contact us at [email protected].

    • Case Studies: Are you using Julia for something interesting, unique, exciting or cool? Please check out the case studies on our Website. If you have a Julia story to tell, we want to capture it. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will follow up with you for more information.

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