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Julia Computing’s Alan Edelman Accepts IEEE Sidney Fernbach Award at SC19

13 Dec 2019 | Julia Computing

Julia Computing Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Alan Edelman accepted the IEEE Sidney Fernbach Award at SC19 with a presentation on The Power of Language.

According to IEEE, Edelman received the award “for outstanding breakthroughs in high-performance computing, linear algebra and computational science, and for contributions to the Julia programming language.”

Alan Edelman is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT and Principal Investigator at the MIT Julia Lab. In addition to the Sidney Fernbach Award, Alan’s other awards include the Charles Babbage Prize, Gordon Bell Prize, Chauvenet Prize, Householder Prize, Edgerly Science Partnership Award, Lester R. Ford Award (with Gilbert Strang) and the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra Prize.

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