From FinTech to RegTech, algorithmic traders, fund managers, macroeconomic modelers, analysts and regulators are flocking to Julia.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Julia provides power and flexibility for full-stack ML practitioners.
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Julia’s superior speed, functionality, flexibility and capacity make Julia the first choice for graphics processing units (GPUs) and other supercomputers that employ accelerators.
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Parallel Computing
Julia provides built-in primitives for both shared-memory and distributed parallelism.
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Life Sciences
We believe that Julia is not just the language of the future, but also the language of now. It’s a modern solution for modern problems, with the ability to adapt to new challenges with ease. That’s why we feel it’s the right choice for the life sciences industry and research.
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Energy has a few unique features that make Julia a great choice for trading, supply and demand forecasting, network management and more.
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Identifying the optimal solution often involves analyzing billions of possible scenarios. Julia was designed to allow model specification, parameter identification and optimization to take place in a single language – faster, simpler and better.
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Julia's speed, functionality and ease-of-use have led to adoption by NASA, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the US Department of Energy National Laboratories.
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