Industrial Strength Computing

Our products are used in various industries to solve specific problems, enabling 10x to 100x performance improvements, massive scalability, significant cost savings, increase in productivity and decrease in time-to-market


Julia helps identify and test promising new drugs, optimize treatment regimens and personalize dosage

case study: Path BioAnalytics, Pumas
packages: Pumas


banking & finance

Leverage Julia’s superior speed and performance for quantitative finance, trading, optimization, arbitrage, asset management and risk analysis

case study: Aviva, BlackRock, +7 more
packages: JuliaDB, JuliaInXL, +4 more



Julia is used for energy optimization, electricity grid failure detection, energy trading and a host of applications in energy by utility companies, private energy trading firms, and in research by a number of government research labs

case study: Fugro Roames, Invenia, +4 more
packages: JuMP, Bloomberg, +18 more



Researchers and clinicians use Julia for medical research, diagnosis and treatment

case study: Contextflow, IBM, +5 more
packages: BioJulia, Pumas, +5 more



Government agencies worldwide use Julia to in research, development, econometric computations, safety, machine learning and many other compute intensive applications

case study: Federal Aviation Administration, +3 more
packages: DSGE, JuMP

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