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Julia Co-Creator and Julia Computing Co-Founder and CEO Viral Shah Discusses Artificial Intelligence as the Great Enabler.
JAN 2020 | Eric Kavanagh | DM Radio
Alan Edelman, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Julia Computing, Co-Creator of Julia and MIT Professor of Applied Mathematics explains the importance of Julia’s 1.0 launch on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition - the most listened to radio news program in America.
AUG 2018 | Bob Shaffer | WBUR - National Public Radio
Host Eric Kavanagh interviews several experts, including Malcolm Chisholm of First San Francisco Partners, Patrick McClory of Datapipe, and Alan Edelman, Professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT and Co-Founder of Julia Computing.
DEC 2017 | Eric Kavanagh | DM Radio
Viral Shah, co-founder and CEO of Julia Computing and a co-creator of the Julia programming language, talks with Anthony about the launch of Julia 0.6, what’s expected of Julia 1.0, and how finance and insurance firms are using the language for research and risk modeling.
JUN 2017 | Anthony Malakian and James Rundle | WatersTechnology
The Julia Language is a high performance language designed to suit technical users that crave the flexibility to pick their own notation. The language has support for a wide variety of operators, allowing scientists to create domain specific equations that can be elegantly expressed as code.
NOV 2016 | SE Daily | SE Daily
WatersTechnology US Editor Anthony Malakian is joined by Viral Shah, Stefan Karpinski and Jeff Bezanson, the creators of Julia language to discuss Julia Day New York, the future of Julia and how it revolutionises fin tech for firms dealing with large amounts of data.
Julia Computing co-founder Keno Fischer discusses cloud computing, machine learning and tensor processing units (TPUs).
FEB 2019 | Eric Kavanagh | DM Radio
Julia Co-Creators and Julia Computing Co-Founders Alan Edelman and Viral Shah discuss Jupyter Notebooks, named for Julia, Python and R.
Celeste is a collaboration between MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Julia Computing, Intel, and NERSC (the DoE's supercomputing center). They recently managed to calculate the first comprehensive statistical catalog of astronomical objects in the visible universe. That's over 188 million stars and galaxies!
The American civil aviation regulator’s next-generation collision avoidance system is built on a relatively new programing language called Julia.
Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres of RCE, a curator of all relevant topics from the High Performance Computing world, talk to the creators of Julia.
OCT 2016 | Brock Palen, Jeff Squyres | Research, Computing and Engineering
Leah Hanson works at Stripe on internal developer tools. She likes making and improving tools for people she works with. Previously, she wrote code at Google, Jane Street, Fog Creek, and Recurse Center. Outside of work, she's writing a book about Julia, titled Learning Julia.
FEB 2016 | Interview with Leah Hanson by Werner Schuster | InfoQ
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