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Collaborate with colleagues Develop your models and
simulations easily
Enterprise support and
Deploy to production with
one click
Enterprise governance, controls,
license management, security
Easy compliance with
IT policies

Enterprise Support And Indemnity
Enterprise Governance And Collaboration
Deployment And Scaling
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Support Standard Priority Priority
JuliaPro with Integrated Juno IDE, Debugger and 250+ Packages Optional Required Required
Govern, Monitor and Control Open Source Development Components, Licenses, Tools and Packages
On-Premise Repository to Avoid Firewall and Proxy Issues
Create, Manage and Install Private Packages
Project Manifests to Control Each Project
Enhanced Security and Access Controls
Control Individual and Team Access and Collaboration
Extensive Management and IT Reporting Included
Documentation and Search
Continuous Integration
One Click from Development to Deployment and Scaling
Static or Elastic Dynamic Control of Nodes or Resources in Public or Private Cloud
Configurable, Platform Independent APIs for Authentication, Multi-Tenancy, Storage and Autoscaling
Customizable Cluster Scheduler
Support for Batch or Real Time Workloads
Seamless Development
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Training And Learning
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