JuliaPro is the go-to product for anyone who wants to use Julia – professionals, engineers, software developers and data scientists. Beginners and experts can build better software quicker and dramatically improve performance.

JuliaFin is a suite of Julia packages that simplify the workflow for quantitative finance, reducing the gap between the quant and the trader. JuliaFin provides the fastest path from market data to market transactions by leveraging the full power of Julia for implementing new trading strategies where time is of the essence.

NOTE:- JuliaPro is a prerequisite for JuliaFin

JuliaRun is for scalable deployment of Julia in production for real time analytics and large-scale parallel simulations in the public cloud or a private cluster.

JuliaBox lets data scientists, quants and strats run Julia in Jupyter notebooks right in the browser. JuliaBox is the number one choice for universities teaching Julia since students can get started with Julia in seconds with no installation required.

JuliaDB is an all Julia in-database and time series analytics tool, that lets you leverage into Julia’s built-in parallelism, scalability and packages for plotting, statistics, optimization, and machine learning.

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