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JuliaPro is free to download and is the fastest on-ramp to Julia for individual researchers, engineers, scientists, quants, traders, economists, students and others. Julia developers can build better software quicker and easier while benefiting from Julia's unparalleled high performance. JuliaPro is lightweight and easy to install. Use any package from 2600+ open source packages or from a curated list of 250+ JuliaPro packages. Curated packages are tested, documented and supported by Julia Computing. See below for details on curated packages.
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JuliaPro is lightweight and easy to install.

Overview of Curated Packages
Overview of Paid Packages

Miletus is a powerful financial contract definition and modeling language, along with a valuation framework written in Julia. The idea originated in research papers by Peyton Jones and Eber [PJ&E2000], [PJ&E2003].

Miletus allows for complex financial contracts to be constructed with a combination of simple primitive components and operations. When viewed through the lens of functional programming, this basic set of primitive objects and operations form a set of "combinators" that can be used in the construction of more complex financial constructs.

Miletus provides both basic the primitives for the construction of financial contract payoffs as well as a decoupled set of valuation model routines that can be applied to various combinations of contract primitives. In Miletus, these "combinators" are implemented through the use of Julia's user-defined types, generic programming, and multiple dispatch capabilities.

Learn more about Miletus
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Dr. Simon Byrne
Julia Computing, Inc.
An introduction to Miletus
Integration with Excel

JuliaInXL is a package that’s designed to enhance Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets with Julia. It empowers users to access the Julia language and its rich package ecosystem from within the world’s most popular spreadsheet.

The package lets users call Julia functions from Excel and enables loading files and functions into new or existing Julia processes from the Excel ribbon. It also allows switching a single Excel session between multiple separate Julia environments and lets users effortlessly develop and deploy Julia functionality to Excel by using Juno and JuliaInXL together.

Dr. Andy Greenwell
Julia Computing, Inc.
JuliaInXL: Enhancing spreadheets with Julia
Read the docs
Bloomberg Connectivity

The Bloomberg APIs provide easy access to real-time market data as well as historic data. The data can be directly loaded and analysed effortlessly.

JuliaFin provides a variety of modelling and pricing engines, a high performance time series data store, as well as interoperability with various databases and data feeds. This will allow traders to quickly price options under a variety of models and automatically identify potential arbitrage opportunities, quants to develop and backtest new strategies, and risk analysts to efficiently manage portfolio risk and counterparty exposure.

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Pumas.jl is a Julia package for pharma industry and it stands for Pharmaceutical Modeling and Simulation. It is used for simulation and estimation of quantitative pre-clinical and clinical pharmacological models. This includes pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD), physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK), and quantitative systems pharmacology (QsP) models. Pumas can also perform non-compartmental analysis (NCA), bioequivalence and invitro-invivo correlation (IVIVC) analysis providing a common toolset to perform all analysis in the horizontal of clinical drug development. Pumas is the first platform to provide true integration of Pharmacometric models with convolution neural networks and other machine learning approaches. Pumas is massively scalable with an inherent ability to run on GPU’s and on any hosted or private cloud computing setups in conjunction with others products of Julia Computing like JuliaTeam and JuliaRun. More details about Pumas.jl can be found at

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The Juno IDE

Juno provides the flexibility of a traditional IDE with the convenience of a notebook in a hybrid canvas programming style. It includes a number of powerful editing features such as auto-completion, real-time feedback, unicode symbols and operators, to name a few. Juno is an extension to the popular Atom editor with all the capabilities provided by Atom. More details about Juno can be found at

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