JuliaPro is the fastest on-ramp to Julia for individual researchers, quants, traders, economists, engineers, scientists, students and others. Beginners and experts can build better software quicker while benefiting from Julia's unparalleled high performance.
JuliaPro is the fast, free way to install julia on your desktop or laptop and begin using it right now. It includes Julia compiler, profiler, Julia integrated development environment, 100+ curated packages, data visualisation and plotting. No contract required - just download, install, and welcome to Julia!
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JuliaPro Enterprise is the paid enterprise version of JuliaPro, available for immediate download and installation on your desktop or enterprise server (write to us for pricing). JuliaPro Enterprise includes all the features of JuliaPro, plus Microsoft Excel integration and support. It can also be purchased with an indemnity contract for an additional charge.
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free version
Julia Language Compiler
De-bugger and Profiler
IDEs - Juno, Eclipse, Jupyter
Debugger integrated with Juno
100+ commonly used packages for stats, machine learning, deep learning, image processing, many others
Built-in parallelism
Visualization, plotting
Operating Systems
Windows, Linux, Mac
Windows, Linux, Mac
Non-GPL version
MKL Available
Julia Excel Integration
Support with SLA
Indemnity Contract
Site license only
The Juno IDE

Juno provides the flexibility of a traditional IDE with the convenience of a notebook in a hybrid canvas programming style. It includes a number of powerful editing features such as auto-completion, real-time feedback, unicode symbols and operators, to name a few. Juno is an extension to the popular Atom editor with all the capabilities provided by Atom..

Call Julia from Microsoft® Excel®

The following screenshot shows Julia development, a Julia terminal and Excel being used

List of supported Julia packages
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