Works seamlessly behind your enterprise firewall
Effortless development of private packages
Enterprise governance and support

JuliaTeam makes it easy and safe for developers, data scientists and IT managers to install and manage public and private packages, adhere to enterprise governance policies, deploy and scale applications, manage licenses and setup CI (Continuous Integration).

Benefits for Businesses
  • Govern, monitor, control, secure and manage the open source development components, tools and packages used
  • Ensure that enterprise governance policies are followed by all users and developers
  • Ensure curated and supported open source components and packages
  • Indemnity from third party intellectual property violations
  • Development support with SLA
  • Dashboard for CIO’s office
  • Enterprise support
Benefits for Engineers
  • Point your Julia install at your JuliaTeam server instance and you’ll never have to think about firewall or proxy issues again
  • Get insight and access control of what Julia packages and versions your teams are using
  • Provide a single place to find all documentation for the Julia packages that you use, ability to search documentation, classify them meaningfully
  • Register packages for reproducibility in future
  • Manage which open source licenses people use. Need to make sure that application code never includes GPL? No problem.
  • One-click download of license data for all the packages you use
  • Manage your own private package registry simply. Create, manage and install private packages as easily as public ones.
  • Private package tagging tools
  • Project manifests to control each project so that exact version of the exact packages get tagged together for build and deployment. Multiple projects can be run and managed easily
  • Protection against known security vulnerabilities
Coming Soon to JuliaTeam:
  • Continuous:
    • Integration
    • Security auditing
    • Benchmarking
    • Deployment — one-click from testing to staging to production
  • Automated code updates: latest recommended coding idioms automatically
  • Server management
  • Enhanced bug reporting and “replayable” stack traces for bug reports
    • Submit a manifest file recording all dependencies
    • Record & replay execution traces for easy reproduction of even the trickiest bugs
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