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All of our programs are designed to help train current and new Julia users, from beginner to advanced levels. Our trainings can be classroom-based, entirely online or integrated, including reverse-classroom laboratory exercises that have proven to be engaging and effective for learning. Knowledgeable facilitators help students learn the material and apply it to custom real world situations.

Modular and Customizable

Each training can be customized to meet your needs. For example, we can use datasets, examples and case studies from your business or industry, we can modify the length and material covered, and we can modify the mode of instruction - online, in-person, or even a combination, based on your requirements.

Most of our trainings use JuliaBox, the free online Julia Computing platform for teaching, learning and using Julia from your Web browser in a Jupyter notebook with no download required. Paid versions of JuliaBox are also available for larger classes or enterprise applications including additional memory, support and distributed, parallel and multi-node capabilities.

We have four curated training programs:

Name Description Pricing
Basic and Intermediate Intro to Julia: Basic and Intermediate Contact us
Advanced Advanced Julia Contact us
ML Specific Computational Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Julia Contact us
Youtube Online Intro to Julia tutorial Free of cost
1) Intro to Julia - Basic and Intermediate

Our Julia experts conduct this three day workshop providing a hands-on in-depth exploration of the Julia language.

The course curriculum is designed with the objective of enabling beginner level programmers in getting up to speed with Julia, while also helping advanced programmers progress towards building highly successful applications using Julia.

The course introduces Julia language by covering topics like basic Julian syntax, efficient development setup, type system and multiple dispatch which makes Julia perform at C/Fortran speeds while still providing features of a high level language, and then moves on to more advanced topics like metaprogramming. The audience is expected to have basic understanding of high school math and basics of computer science.

For more information including pricing to organize this training at your organization or institution, contact us at [email protected].

2) Advanced Julia

The advanced training program is entirely customizable. With a hand-picked combination of basic, intermediate and advanced topics, these modules are tailored to your organization’s needs, including the number of days you want the workshop for.

For more information including pricing to organize this training at your organization or institution, contact us at [email protected] [email protected].

3) Computational ML and AI Using Julia

This is a specially designed 5 day workshop that provides a thorough introduction to Computational Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Julia.

The training covers introduction to Julia, vector and array operations in Julia, followed by introductory machine learning techniques and applications. The course then takes a deep dive into introducing concepts of neural networks. This section involves engaging the learner with all sorts of AI applications, including handwriting recognition, object detection, language modeling and text generation.

The last day of the workshop proactively involves each and every student in building an application in Julia from scratch, with the students assuredly walking away feeling comfortable with machine learning and its underlying algorithms.

4) Free Online Intro to Julia Tutorial

Intro to Julia is a two-hour free online tutorial hosted monthly by Jane Herriman, Julia Computing’s Director of Diversity and Outreach. For the next scheduled training, please visit the Learn Julia Facebook page.

Other free online Julia tutorials can be found by subscribing to the Julia language YouTube channel or visiting the Learn Julia Facebook page

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