The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Data-Driven Discovery Initiative
has granted Julia Computing $600,000 over the next two years for open source Julia development.

This keynote talk by Julia co-creator Stefan Karpinski at ODSC Boston (2016) on the two language problem explains much of the motivation behind Julia, and why you should be using it.

Julia is a modern and easy to use high performance programming language. It provides a sophisticated compiler, parallel execution, numerical accuracy, and an extensive library of fast mathematical functions. While it is an open source project with a diverse community of hundreds of contributors around the world, research on Julia is anchored at MIT.

Julia Computing, Inc. builds products for users of Julia, as well as provides a number of related professional services.

The Julia community has also contributed over 1000 open source packages. It is being used by a number of universities for teaching and research, and by businesses in areas as diverse as robotics, AI, engineering, finance, and e-commerce.

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