Free download for data scientists and researchers. Install on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Enterprise support available.
For finance users, quants, traders and analysts. Includes all the tools you need for backtesting and trading: Excel, Bloomberg, contract modeling, and time series analytics.
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Run Julia applications in the public or private cloud. Scalable deployment in production for real time analytics and large-scale parallel simulations.
Run Julia without installation from your browser in Jupyter notebooks. Popular with universities and beginners.
Julia is the fastest modern open-source language for data science, machine learning and scientific computing. Julia provides the functionality, ease-of-use and intuitive syntax of R, Python, Matlab, SAS or Stata combined with the speed, capacity and performance of C, C++ or Java.
Integration with Excel and Bloomberg
Over 1,300
mar 2017
1 million
mar 2017
Based on downloads
Over 22,000
Github stars
(Julia & packages)
mar 2017
Julia users, partners and employers hiring Julia programmers
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Julia Computing, Inc. was founded with a mission to make Julia easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to scale. We operate out of Boston, New York, London, Bangalore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC and we serve customers worldwide.
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