Customers typically see enormous immediate gains in speed and productivity when they begin using Julia. But many have only begun to scratch the surface of how Julia can transform their business. Julia Computing works with you to identify how to maximize the value of Julia for your work. We develop a custom work plan that meets your needs, timeline and budget requirements.
Consulting services

Our services can be provided onsite at your location or offsite in our offices. We can quote each engagement on a fixed price basis, an hourly, daily or weekly rate, or a monthly retainer, depending on your project(s) and needs. Our services include:

And anything else you would like us to help with regarding your Julia solution.

Why do so many engineers, algorithmic traders, quantitative analysts and research scientists choose Julia?
Dramatically faster processing speeds
Ability to handle massive datasets and solve highly complex non-linear quantitative problems
Simple, intuitive easy-to-learn syntax
Solves the two language problem
Parallel computing capabilities
Large number of useful packages
Interoperability with existing systems and codebases
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Julia Computing was founded with a mission to make Julia easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to scale. We operate out of Boston, London and Bangalore and we serve customers worldwide.
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