game changing

Julia packages not only provide best-in-class functionality in a variety of fields but also push the envelope in performance, scalability and ease of use sometimes resulting in new ways of doing things that are not even possible using other technologies

Paid Packages

Model, compose and compute financial contracts

Load and analyse Bloomberg data

Use Julia as a computational backend for data in Excel

Pharmaceutical Modeling and Simulation

Curated open source packages

Modeling language for Mathematical Optimization (linear, mixed-integer, conic, semidefinite, nonlinear)

Julia native deep learning library

Source to source automatic differentiation of Julia programs

Koc University deep learning framework

A suite for numerically solving differential equations in Julia

Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations for data analysis

Jupyter kernel for Julia

Probabilistic machine learning and Bayesian statistics

Development and documentation of modern open source computational tools for economics, econometrics, and decision making

Julia native in-memory database for time series and ordered data

In memory tabular data manipulation and management

A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions

Call Python libraries from Julia

Call Julia libraries from Python

An optimized graph analysis package for Julia

An image processing library for Julia

Bioinformatics and computational Biology in Julia

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